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Houndstooth Jacquard Lining Fabric (59 inch)
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Premium Quality Houndstooth Jacquard Lining Fabric


Material: Polyester 

Width: 150cm/ 59inch 

Weight: 63(g/㎡) 

The purpose of lining fabric is to make your garment more wearable, long-lasting and comfortable.  

They are usually lightweight and have a soft or silky texture. Not all items need to be lined, though. 

Here are some reasons why sewists turn to lining materials: 

- To make the garment less see-through 

- To add warmth and durability 

- To make the inside part of the garment soft and pleasant to the touch 

- To lend a luxury note to a garment 

- To improve the structure of a garment

- To help the garment slide on easily 

- To conceal seams, padding, interfacing, etc. 


When choosing the appropriate lining for a project, one needs to pay attention to the stretch factor. 

If the garment is not stretchy, e.g. a cotton shirt or a wool jacket, non-stretch lining fabric is ok. 

But if the item is made with elastic materials like jersey, tulle or stretch satin, the lining one ends up choosing should be stretchy as well. 



Fabric sold by meters. 

Purchased multiple meters will be cut into 1 continuous piece.

Example: If want to purchase 2.5 meters, please choose "1 meter" add quantity +2 and choose "0.5 meter" add quantity +1